Monday, February 18, 2008

Dice man

Surrounded on all sides by the henchmen of the Assorted Soul Seeking Weirdos In Predominantly Evil Shingalings. It appeared as if my Epic Quest to save all gaming kind would be thwarted by a dangerous mercenary force hell bent on my destruction at any cost.

"Attack him" Screamed their Leader With furious Fury
"Where...............are the Donuts Ment-i-Sent You promised us Donuts" Screamed one of them
"The Lukkha stole the Donuts ScaryJam" said Ment-i-Sent
"May the Dice Grind his bones to dust" screamed ScaryJam
They Charged
"THUMBELINA!" roared the big Daddy as he Leaped into the fray

Within moments they lay on the ground writhing in poignant but not stirring pain
Only one was left Standing Their Leader Ment-i-Sent and his eyes gazed at me trying to bore holes through the fat parts they were positively boring...ish.

"Lukkha Prepare to be fragged" said Ment-i-Sent and followed up promptly By Conjuring from the air two stave's which had Dice Stuck to their ends one with White dice and the other with Black. He made them spin until they were nothing but a blur and then sent them at me hurtling at me Full speed.
With Nowhere to go that made this any more fun I stood there and stuck my hands out

and caught them
both of them
'Ha! take that stereotypical action hero ' I thought to myself
The Stave's were now trying to return to their owner.
"Oh no you Don't I am NOT letting my free ticket to Bad assedness getting away so damn easily" I exclaimed
and they broke into clean halves half went to him and half went to moi.
"Stil badass though" I said
Ment-i-Sent shrieked like a banshee and then conjured a portal and disappeared through it
"After Him B.D Quickly" I said
"Not so Fast my newly made rotund friend, Know that beyond this portal lies the Land that was once almost named Albion The land that has a leaf on its flag Know that after you enter you will have to stay for a year at least and Know that many dangerous and mind boggling games will be played and you will have much to undertake. What say you O most glorious fat assedness?"

"See you on the other side B.D"
And In i Jump.


vicarum said...

Not dice, it should be 'Goti'.
U really r a lukkha

the now not feeling so magnificent anymore but still just lukkha said...

saale abh say gotiyon ka boj tere Kandhon pe chhod ke ja raha hoon

Nyx said...

And now..the fun begins, dearest. Await the free fall...and enjoy!!