Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am Lukkha

I feel a special affinity for Robert Neville.He roams the Concrete jungle (literally) that is now New York With this mad glint in his eyes his mind is constantly searching for purpose,a reason to exist in a world where he is now alone,Hunted at night his sanity withering away day by day ,he talks to the mannequins in his DVD store tries reather unsuccessfully to hunt deer in the morning and is Continually searching for a cure that can enable him to save the world (which is now the official pastime in America).
Good CGI Coupled with excellent action sequences(the one in the end redefines Blaze of Glory) and phenomenal acting by Will Smith makes I am Legend fun to watch.Preachy in parts what with Smith donning his messiah hat in the last part.This is not the action movie of the year This isn't even an Action Movie It's more of........ Hmmmmmmmm .........what do you say?....... One of those big budget films that actually has a story and tells it pretty well for the most part.
The feel ths movie has is good but you kinda come out thinking that there was something missing somewhere while the film doesn't ever become mindless it does linger a little too long in some parts.All in all worth a dekko just for the acting and the chance to see times square desolate and overrun with deer and Lions

Friday, December 7, 2007

Khoya Khoya Chand

This year has really upped the bar for Indian Cinema Johnny Gaddaar,Chak De,No Smoking and Khoya Khoya Chand.I watched Khoya khoya Chand last night and I haven't enjoyed myself more while watching a movie in a while.

This is a tribute to the golden era of Indian cinema where Creativity and debauchery ran rampant hand in hand resulting in fractured egos,broken hearts and cinema that has come to define the Indian way of making films and telling stories(Unfortunately future generations of film makers would go on only to inherit the debauchery).Sudhir Mishra has each and every character in this film exhibit his or her flaws in a manner so Candid and yet each of them while being a lech,a whore,a hypocrite and a wretch(it rhymes!) are endowed with a passion for cinema and that is where they find their redemption their love for this imaginary world where they will remain forever young,immortal where their stories will always be remembered as they will.The Director of this film has an inherent love for the art that lies in Cinema and he tells his story with the air of a person who grew among these people who saw their lives their deaths their fights and above all their all consuming passion for films ,lust and never ening ambitions.
The Performances are top notch Rajat Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla Manage come out on top Shiney Ahuja is stellar and Soha ali Khan delivers her best performance yet.
The film looks beautiful and the photography is excellent I Could definetly wtch this one twice.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crysis Review

There has been a lot of hype and hoopla surrounding Crysis This is the first of the big Next-gen Games for the PC and anyone who plays video games knows that this is the prettiest game on the PC platform right now.Crysis is a really solid FPS(First Person Shooter)Experience which really starts cutting loose and enjoying itself only towards the end of it's single player Campaign.

The Game Starts off with an elite group of U.S Special forces(Bleaargh !) Dropped onto an island where a bunch of American archaeologists have been taken hostage by North Korean troops you play as a member of the elite American team (Duh!) .

Your Call-Sign is 'Nomad'.

Boy Do you ever Live up to it

The maps in Crysis are frigging Sprawling I kid you not.This gives the player the option of approaching each objective through different paths leading to different events taking place depending on the way you play the game.

All right so Cosmetically the game is fine it has large and well made maps.The oomph is all there but the really good thing about Crysis is that it has(to a degree) the Substance to match the Style that it so effortlessly oozes.It isn't really a Far Cry to Place a Halo over this games head and Realize that it shall put the F.E.A.R. of god into it's competitors.

Ok bad puns and copied game play notwithstanding Crysis has a lot of things that do work for it namely

1) The feeling that it's actually a Michael Bay movie

2) Theme Music that sounds like it was stolen from a Michael Bay Movie

3) Really cool Alien Villains

4) One of the BEST Climactic Boss fights ever

5) The suit

The Nano Suit is undoubtedly the Feature that takes Crysis and makes it go from good eye Candy to Good eye candy that you can have a lot of fun playing.The Features it presents are not new per se but when you combine Stealth,Speed,Armour and Strength together the result is pretty amazing.It gives you a lot of room to experiment and Change up in the way you approach the Game,and it definitely makes up for the disappointing (but expected) Lack of Innovation in the weapons that it offers you and the fact that for majority of the game you do nothing really Different from a standard FPS.While you can play around and mod your weapons a lot and approach a situation like a barbarian or a thief What Crysis Does Lack In spite of all its aforementioned good Qualities is that little extra in its Game play which would actually make it capable of standing Shoulder to Shoulder with Legends Like the Halo and Half-Life series. But while it Falls short of 'Legendary' Status It Manages to land comfortably in 'Amazingly good' and Like I mentioned It has the best ending I have seen this year on the P.C. and with all these options it will make one hell of a multi player game.

Bring It on Baby!

next review Call of Duty 4.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Halo 3 review

Halo 3 Review

Generally Shooters are not my particular cuppa. I’m an RPG man through and through but in the case of Halo(and the Half Life Series) I make a rare exception. I first heard of the Halo series in 2003 when I saw one of my friends happily blasting the covenant into Oblivion I was hooked right there. After that I played the Second Game as soon as it came out for windows. I BOUGHT an Xbox 360 just because I couldn’t wait to play the 3rd !.
So What is is it That makes Halo 3 Special? Is it the action packed Game play that makes Call of Duty seem like a boy scout picnic? Is it the simply amazing looks? Or is it the immersive story that engrosses you from the word go.

Although Halo 3 has all of the above features and is by far one of the best games of the year it only needed one thing to be a successful video Game.
His Name is John

The Chief makes a comeback in Style Jumping out of a ship while it’s close to 2 km ABOVE the earths’ surface and as usual managing to kick covenant booty with considerable √©lan. The Arbiter returns as well grunting and growling his way to some of the best Dialogues the series has seen so far.
The major concern for players in the Single player campaign will of course be the plot Considering that Bungie themselves admitted that Halo 2 had one of the most frustrating endings in Video Game History. I am happy to say that Halo 3 has a really Satisfying ending and that when the game ends all the loose ends are tied up. Bungie has kept their promise and completed this story arc in 3 games.

Halo 3 starts off with the Chief the arbiter and Sergeant Johnson teaming up against hordes of Covenant brutes and Grunts and a couple of Hunters thrown in for good measure. As I have Comes to expect from this series No time is wasted in throwing you into the thick of the action with some familiar and some not so familiar weapons worth mentioning are the brute Spiker and the Gravity Hammer and the SPARTAN Laser which Shows up rarely but is really cool. Other new items are the bubble shield, Gravity Lift and Energy Breaker Which are pretty much what they sound Like. The Game play manages to immerse you despite not really doing anything very new. I would recommend playing at a slightly higher Difficulty setting for getting the complete experience though. The only grouse most experienced gamers would have is that the Normal Difficulty is a little too easy heroic actually seems just right for both Single Player as well as for Online Co-op. That’s right for the first time you can play Halo co-operatively. The maximum Limit is 4 players and it’s a lot of fun bring able to experience the game with your friends.

There are a couple of really cool Set pieces where you get to take on two Scarabs at once and these kind of Boss fights Coupled with some really amazing vehicle sequences really add to the games overall fun factor.
The Sound is just Amazing whether it’s the explosions or the gunfire or the Grunts mouthing off at you or the background score that starts during high octane action(Kudos to Martin ‘O Donell) or the Voice acting that is simply excellent it just makes you want to play the game again and again and again.

And finally the Visuals the jaw-dropping, mind-bending, hyperbole-inducing visuals. Halo 3 is without a doubt one of the best looking games on the Xbox 360. You have a variety of locales and settings from jungles to deserts to Levels that are engulfed in Snow and all of them are gorgeous.
With Xbox Live Launching in India The Multiplayer Mode will shortly be overrun by each Indian who owns an Xbox. Which makes it even more of a must buy
All in all the only reason I can find not to play Halo 3 and ‘Finish the Fight’ is if you don’t like Video games at all.
Like the Arbiter says ‘Were it so easy’.

Jump in ………Seriously

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Eternal Lukkhagiri of the Spotless kind Part-1

There comes a time in a Lukkha's Life when he as other Lukkha's before him must go on 'The Pilgrimage'. It is a journey that tests the very core of his Lukkhagiri a test that in the past has made even the staunchest even the most hardest of Lukkha's turn over a new leaf and find a job in a respectable Software Company where he works in Quality Assurance testing Code and critiquing programs completely bereft of the Lukkhagiri within him. It takes guts to take this test it means delving into the very heart of Lukkhadom looking the Original Lukkha himself in the eye and telling him to go stick it where the Sun Doesn't Shine.

The Journey Begins Innocently Enough The road to our destination is smooth and well lit

But soon enough the true road is revealed and the darkness Descends upon us swiftly and without warning

After what seems like an eternity has passed we stand at the gates of the Land of Lukkhagiri Grimy Unclean and tired but essentially intact.

A sign hangs at the entrance warning one and all of their fate should they choose to enter.

We Gaze a each other uneasily wondering if we will return from Whatever it is that lies ahead Gorbag makes his descision first "life" He Declares "is for the adventurous" and plunges in headfirst Shagrat and I follow. What awaits us is a sight more splendid than any we have seen before or will ever see before

No not that errr......... sorry bad tamboo BAD TAMBOO
Ah! here it is
We just kinda halted and admired the view for the rest of the day.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Smoking Trippy movie

Watched this movie yesterday night. The Audience in the cinema hall was pretty much clueless throughout .I suppose I'll state right out that I really enjoyed myself this film was one of the few films I've seen in a while that I totally tripped out to. It actually reminded me of zeppelin's Stairway to heaven you can interpret it in so many different ways that even hours after its over you're still wonderin whether your interpretation is the 'right' one.

Here's the thing In my opinion I don't believe that a right interpretation exists Anurag Kashyap has manged to pull off something pretty goddamn amazing.He's created one of the few movies in recent times whose interpretations are as many people that watch it. There is no finite tangible border here. No Lines are Drawn and that's where the film gets chaotic and goes Berserk but nightmares can be like that. It's slick and has fantastic production values.One of the few Bollywood Directors who actually understands the concept of Style. which in itself makes him a phantasmagorially talented filmmaker out here because we call films like Cash Stylish. The VFX are fantastic . What did irritate me was the audience jabbering away while my friends and I were trying to Watch a movie for gods sakewatch a trailer before getting into a movie hall and i you have to jabber away to oblivion then do it quietly.espescially the tamilians sitting behind me who kept on asking who the director was and what was going on like some kind of horrible Senthil Koundamani scene in a continous loop. Except for that we really enjoyed ourselves.

Secret of the Universe # 30 : Watch a trailer or two before going to watch a movie and don't jabber incessantly in your mother tongue thinking that you are the only person in the universe who can understand it there just may be a homicidal fatass who likes Kamal Hassan and Saw sitting in the seats adjacent to yours. Time to Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Next post : Why Lukkhas don't have to pursue Happyness?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Secrets of the Universe Part-1

After much deliberation with my Assistants Gorbag & Shagrat I, The magnificent Lukkha have come to a decision.For the first time I shall reveal to the non-lukkha's the secrets of the Universe due to the sensitive nature of this information and the inability of non-lukkha's to digest all of it in one sitting without their heads exploding I shall reveal these secrets in bits and pieces

Secret # 33 : If while watching Aag you are consumed by a sudden sensation to pull down you're trousers and scratch you're hind parts vigorously while beating you're chest like a King Kong - Tarzan Hybrid Do not be alarmed this mild reversal of the evolutionary cycle is only temporary indeed in most cases the cure is effected almost the instant the credits roll .I the 1 case where the evolutionary cycle was permanently reversed is currently under review given the duration of the patients affliction though,Physicians are sceptical of effecting a cure.

Hidden Meaning: Occasionally it is possible for a book or a movie to be so bad that it actually makes you devolve However unless you overexpose yourself to said movie/book the effects are usually temporary

this also applies to human beings cats dogs mice and cabbages....................especially cabbages

Secret#32 : When thinking(assuming that you do) if you ever reach apoint where you start to converse with yourself never and this is important never ever move around in public while having a conversation with yourself ,the general populace that do not prescribe to this particular oddity might get the inclination that you could be rather wonky in the head.

Secret#31 : When Confronted with a situation that is unpleasant and makes you want to shimmy down the drainpipe and bolt into the darkness always remember :
1. The drainpipe might have rather unplesant things living on it.
2. he who runs away can run away another day
3.always make sure that you have more than one exit strategy believe me it really helps play hitman blood money that should hone you're skills at finding exit points!.

For Now this will do Anymore human and your head will explode for now I take you're leave my Xbox Beckons............

C'est Lukkha Magnifique


Finally! now lukkhagiri will enter a whole new dimension aaaauuuuuuuuu

*just to clarify that was me impersonating Shakti Kapoor*


I king of all the lukkha's have ascended to the blogosphere

now the world is helpless