Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am Lukkha

I feel a special affinity for Robert Neville.He roams the Concrete jungle (literally) that is now New York With this mad glint in his eyes his mind is constantly searching for purpose,a reason to exist in a world where he is now alone,Hunted at night his sanity withering away day by day ,he talks to the mannequins in his DVD store tries reather unsuccessfully to hunt deer in the morning and is Continually searching for a cure that can enable him to save the world (which is now the official pastime in America).
Good CGI Coupled with excellent action sequences(the one in the end redefines Blaze of Glory) and phenomenal acting by Will Smith makes I am Legend fun to watch.Preachy in parts what with Smith donning his messiah hat in the last part.This is not the action movie of the year This isn't even an Action Movie It's more of........ Hmmmmmmmm .........what do you say?....... One of those big budget films that actually has a story and tells it pretty well for the most part.
The feel ths movie has is good but you kinda come out thinking that there was something missing somewhere while the film doesn't ever become mindless it does linger a little too long in some parts.All in all worth a dekko just for the acting and the chance to see times square desolate and overrun with deer and Lions

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