Thursday, January 24, 2008

FPS Detox: New Year RPG/Action List

Now while I earlier mentioned that I generally play RPG's and only RPG's and then proceeded to review all the bIGGEST FPS releases of 2007 while ignoring FANTASTIC Games like the witcher and Mass effect both of which I am addicted to now but unable to play(my witcher DVD is back home as is my xbox) so to detox myself from endless sprinting and splicer killing and covenant fragging and Cryo suit using I will now proceed to play and review a couple of old School RPG's as well as a few not so well known rpg's and Some Action games on the side as well just for dessert.For the Uninitiated and blissfully unaddicted-to video-games-populace an FPS is a First Person Shooter i.e seen from First Person View and generally entailing large amounts of shooting stabbing and general fragging of most things that move most of these games manage to get repetitve really fast on rare occassions when the designers decide to get innovative and try to revamp the entire process that things get really interesting and hit frachises are born e.g Halo Half-life

RPG's: Role playing games are games that require the player to become completely immersed in their worlds.These games are always set in a fantastical alternate universe where Demons,Orcs,Humans and other myriad races exist and do their best to wipe each other out there are monsters to kill,plenty of loot to accumulate and decisions to make that will shape the future of the world you love in.Now most RPG's draw(or need to at least) from a vast resource of mythology and Sci-fi Fantasy(read tolkien) for the races and monsters that inhabit them.Considering the source material they have at their disposal you'd think that most RPG's would be Considerably different from one another unfortunately RPG's are mostly formulaic and lacking completely in innovation of any kind most RPG's Attempt to ape the popular RPG's in the market and this results in a number of Clones that are not fun to play however there are a considerable number of game that release every year that break the mold and succesfully manage to do something different successfully.Bioware,Bethesda and Black Isle are 3 companies that make awesome games continually.
Well Thats my take on a few popular genre's of games.Now here's my list of games for reviewing in Jan,Feb and March
1)Second Sight(review in the works)
2)Lionheart legacy of the Crusader
3)Baldurs Gate 2
4)Planescape Torment
5)Icewind Dale 2
6)Bioshock(review in the works)
7)Mass Effect
8) Curse Of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango(review in the works)
9)Diablo 2(review in the works)(can you review Divinity)
10)Age of Empires and Civilization Vs Warcraft and Heroes of might and Magic
Well thats about it folks I'll post the Second Sight and Bioshock reviews Shortly For now Adios Amigos

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Second Sight review

Second Sight and a game called Psi-ops released at around the same time in 2004 now Psi-ops had the advantage of being the better looking game while Second Sight turns out to be by a couple of miles the better Game .

I didn't hear of Second Sight until December '07 and once I procured it and finished playing the first level I was hooked. Second Sight has this pretty generic story hero dude wakes up bald in hospital discovers the team with whom he tried to stop evil dude totally died. Here's where it gets interesting hero has flashback thinks he saved weird psychic babe in flashback and when he's in the present psychic babe is alive!(so much for Lost ).

All jokes aside the game has a fantastic plot with a pretty crazy twist in the tale right about the Climax.The gameplay is kinda clunky but it is amazing fun to play around with the psychic gifts that our hero possesses and that is really what counts . In general a game any video game lover shoud not miss. Play it if only to relive the old days when games weren't all about looks.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Call of duty 4 review

Ok Here it is the long overdue call of duty post.
Call of duty 4 is the most engaging action game in the Call of duty series for 2 very simple reasons
1) Length -Unlike other shooters that spend way too much time doing nothing call of duty 4 makes you land in the thick of it and make no mistake it is pretty damn thick the plot is gritty and to the point i.e NO MEANINGLESS SIDEQUESTS

2) Action - The amount of fragging in the single player Campaign alone is sheerly insane I mean guys keep ddying wherever you seem to go and Call of Duty always knew how to mantain an insane pace.

the interface is pretty much the same point and click W,S,A,D to move around and you have a neat knife to melee with.Grenades to blow people up with and Flashbangs to make them dizzy and disoriented.The guns are your standard modern Army issue weapons that soldiers actually use in the field.

The graphics are biyoo-ti-fool. But not anything really special or new. the physics are good but not really great if you have played crysis or any of the recent FPS hits.But that doesn't mean this game isn't visually stunning what it means that it isn't visually stunning in comparison to Crysis which makes the Comparison kinda mean because it looks top-notch really.
and this game has its share of cool moments my favorite being the entire flashback mission which is in uber stealth mode and has a brilliant Climactic shootout 2 guys holding off an army Woah mama! Enjoy this thrill ride for the extremely short duration it lasts