Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Smoking Trippy movie

Watched this movie yesterday night. The Audience in the cinema hall was pretty much clueless throughout .I suppose I'll state right out that I really enjoyed myself this film was one of the few films I've seen in a while that I totally tripped out to. It actually reminded me of zeppelin's Stairway to heaven you can interpret it in so many different ways that even hours after its over you're still wonderin whether your interpretation is the 'right' one.

Here's the thing In my opinion I don't believe that a right interpretation exists Anurag Kashyap has manged to pull off something pretty goddamn amazing.He's created one of the few movies in recent times whose interpretations are as many people that watch it. There is no finite tangible border here. No Lines are Drawn and that's where the film gets chaotic and goes Berserk but nightmares can be like that. It's slick and has fantastic production values.One of the few Bollywood Directors who actually understands the concept of Style. which in itself makes him a phantasmagorially talented filmmaker out here because we call films like Cash Stylish. The VFX are fantastic . What did irritate me was the audience jabbering away while my friends and I were trying to Watch a movie for gods sakewatch a trailer before getting into a movie hall and i you have to jabber away to oblivion then do it quietly.espescially the tamilians sitting behind me who kept on asking who the director was and what was going on like some kind of horrible Senthil Koundamani scene in a continous loop. Except for that we really enjoyed ourselves.

Secret of the Universe # 30 : Watch a trailer or two before going to watch a movie and don't jabber incessantly in your mother tongue thinking that you are the only person in the universe who can understand it there just may be a homicidal fatass who likes Kamal Hassan and Saw sitting in the seats adjacent to yours. Time to Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu Hahahahahahahahahahaha

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