Thursday, September 13, 2007

Secrets of the Universe Part-1

After much deliberation with my Assistants Gorbag & Shagrat I, The magnificent Lukkha have come to a decision.For the first time I shall reveal to the non-lukkha's the secrets of the Universe due to the sensitive nature of this information and the inability of non-lukkha's to digest all of it in one sitting without their heads exploding I shall reveal these secrets in bits and pieces

Secret # 33 : If while watching Aag you are consumed by a sudden sensation to pull down you're trousers and scratch you're hind parts vigorously while beating you're chest like a King Kong - Tarzan Hybrid Do not be alarmed this mild reversal of the evolutionary cycle is only temporary indeed in most cases the cure is effected almost the instant the credits roll .I the 1 case where the evolutionary cycle was permanently reversed is currently under review given the duration of the patients affliction though,Physicians are sceptical of effecting a cure.

Hidden Meaning: Occasionally it is possible for a book or a movie to be so bad that it actually makes you devolve However unless you overexpose yourself to said movie/book the effects are usually temporary

this also applies to human beings cats dogs mice and cabbages....................especially cabbages

Secret#32 : When thinking(assuming that you do) if you ever reach apoint where you start to converse with yourself never and this is important never ever move around in public while having a conversation with yourself ,the general populace that do not prescribe to this particular oddity might get the inclination that you could be rather wonky in the head.

Secret#31 : When Confronted with a situation that is unpleasant and makes you want to shimmy down the drainpipe and bolt into the darkness always remember :
1. The drainpipe might have rather unplesant things living on it.
2. he who runs away can run away another day
3.always make sure that you have more than one exit strategy believe me it really helps play hitman blood money that should hone you're skills at finding exit points!.

For Now this will do Anymore human and your head will explode for now I take you're leave my Xbox Beckons............

C'est Lukkha Magnifique


Finally! now lukkhagiri will enter a whole new dimension aaaauuuuuuuuu

*just to clarify that was me impersonating Shakti Kapoor*


I king of all the lukkha's have ascended to the blogosphere

now the world is helpless