Saturday, January 19, 2008

Second Sight review

Second Sight and a game called Psi-ops released at around the same time in 2004 now Psi-ops had the advantage of being the better looking game while Second Sight turns out to be by a couple of miles the better Game .

I didn't hear of Second Sight until December '07 and once I procured it and finished playing the first level I was hooked. Second Sight has this pretty generic story hero dude wakes up bald in hospital discovers the team with whom he tried to stop evil dude totally died. Here's where it gets interesting hero has flashback thinks he saved weird psychic babe in flashback and when he's in the present psychic babe is alive!(so much for Lost ).

All jokes aside the game has a fantastic plot with a pretty crazy twist in the tale right about the Climax.The gameplay is kinda clunky but it is amazing fun to play around with the psychic gifts that our hero possesses and that is really what counts . In general a game any video game lover shoud not miss. Play it if only to relive the old days when games weren't all about looks.

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