Friday, January 4, 2008

Call of duty 4 review

Ok Here it is the long overdue call of duty post.
Call of duty 4 is the most engaging action game in the Call of duty series for 2 very simple reasons
1) Length -Unlike other shooters that spend way too much time doing nothing call of duty 4 makes you land in the thick of it and make no mistake it is pretty damn thick the plot is gritty and to the point i.e NO MEANINGLESS SIDEQUESTS

2) Action - The amount of fragging in the single player Campaign alone is sheerly insane I mean guys keep ddying wherever you seem to go and Call of Duty always knew how to mantain an insane pace.

the interface is pretty much the same point and click W,S,A,D to move around and you have a neat knife to melee with.Grenades to blow people up with and Flashbangs to make them dizzy and disoriented.The guns are your standard modern Army issue weapons that soldiers actually use in the field.

The graphics are biyoo-ti-fool. But not anything really special or new. the physics are good but not really great if you have played crysis or any of the recent FPS hits.But that doesn't mean this game isn't visually stunning what it means that it isn't visually stunning in comparison to Crysis which makes the Comparison kinda mean because it looks top-notch really.
and this game has its share of cool moments my favorite being the entire flashback mission which is in uber stealth mode and has a brilliant Climactic shootout 2 guys holding off an army Woah mama! Enjoy this thrill ride for the extremely short duration it lasts

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