Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bioshocked !

I recently sat through a REALLY REALLY bad tamil movie about this dude and his wife who ALWAYS needs company. I kid u not she actually marries the guy because his family is humungous(like 50 people) and later takes too many sleeping pills when the guy gets himself transferred to a hill station because she can't stand the loneliness AAAARGHHHHHHHHH THE PAIN. What does this have to do with Bioshock I just felt this extreme urge to go poop somewhere after watching this movie I felt as if all the shit in the movie had some how secretly found a way to teleport itself into my body I could hear the words "would you kindly go to the toilet now" reverberating in the air. as I ran desparately toward the bathroom I noticed as soon as I entered that water was all over the place behind me I heard a deep rumbling turning around to find...........

The Big Daddy Stared intently at me for a while Then in a rumbling voice deeper than the deepest of abbysses it said to me "Come with me if you want to live".

"Hey" said the little sister at his side

"I mean.... Come with us if you want to live" he boomed

"But I have to go" I groaned "can this wait?"

"Okay ..... I mean NO do it while we walk we have to embark on a dangerous and potentially world altering journey foolish boy " he boomed

"With soiled Pants ?" I inquired ?

"True..... One can never really be taken seriously if one soils ones own pants can one " he said affably "all right take your time while you ahem......proceed I can fill you in on the details. What is it little one?"

"But I've never seen you go to the toilet" said the little Sister

"There are many things in this world you have not seen little one" chuckled the Big daddy.

"but that means you soil yourself all the time" she said


A photo of something ghastly looking slid under the door of the cubicle I was in.

"That" said The Big Daddy "is the leader of the Assorted Soul Seeking Wierdos In Predominantly Evil Skins and he threatens the future of all gaming kind and you are the only one who can stop him" he said.

"B....but I'm a fatass" I stuttered

"I know" sighed the big daddy "I know but we needed a real lukkha"

I glowed with pride as I sat on the commode.

"we must journey into worlds hitherto unknown Worlds of War Worlds..... of Craft " said the little sister in a sing-song voice

"Ah well i'm up for it lets go" I said exiting the cubicle and washing my hands thoroughly.

"don't Forget to flush " said a new Voice

Some thing had appeared out of thin air and was eyeing us with violently gleeful eyes. "Lukkha" said a voice from under a gray cloak "join us or be fragged into oblivion"

I looked up grimly

"bring it on"

Holy Cliffhanger Endings Batman!