Thursday, February 7, 2008

Full Fandango Throttle of Monkey Island

For the Last Decade or so Commercial Success has managed to elude Adventure games with the nimbleness and agility rarely demonstrated by even the most garishly flexible Sea monkey burglars. This has not stopped the Developers of this genre from Consistently producing games that have pushed the envelope consistently in terms of quality. I recently replayed three of my favorite adventure games all of which released in this era (all produced by Lucasarts who have sadly stopped doing adventure games recently and 2 0f em come very happily from the mind of Tim Schafer who has not ). So here Goes

Full Throttle is a full on Biker Noir n Thriller Comedy Adventure With a hero who sounds Really really cool and a villain that sounds nothing Like Luke Skywalker. Yup Mark Hammil is the voice of the main antagonist of this game and boy is he awesome! replete in its splendour as you solve puzzles that are pretty insanely funny(and tough) and simaltaneously listening to the killer lines that this is a game EVERYONE should play.

The Curse Of Monkey Island is the 3rd game in the Monkey Island series and it has every imaginable thing that fans(like me) of this series could ever hope for Including Monkeys. Guybrush Threepwood is back in another Buckle of your Swash Seat Adventure in all its Buccaneering Goodness and This time He and LeChuck Square off once and for all. Pirates of The Caribbean Stole a considerable amount of its setting from this series and Lets not forget the undead Sea Monkeys either! Total Awesomeness Aaahhhrrrrr ! (you know the way Geoffrey Rush Says Aaahhhrrr Matey)

Grim Fandango : A wild Romp Through the Aztec version of the Afterlife Set in modern day and teeming with Demons and Grim Reapers that have Foldable Scythes This is More a Legend than a game. Wildly difficult puzzles and imaginative Characterization puts this game into hall of fame territory.Critics say that this game is more of an interactive video than a game and then go on to say how much they enjoy the interaction part . Basically everybody loves it.

Well Thats all folks . Next up are Bioshock and a Suprise entrant

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